Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wedding

Its over. For the past few months there has been a nervous excitement in the air as my step-daughter's wedding date approached. There has been a lot of anticipation and anxiety, making sure every detail was in place. Friends and family arrived from Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and right here in Florida. And on Saturday, June 18th, a celebration took place as Jennifer and Jr exchanged wedding vows on the beautiful House of Refuge Beach. It was 6:00pm and the weather was perfect, the lighting was soft and we all cried during the simple but beautiful ceremony. And now...its seems quiet around here now. And I'm exhausted! LOL  Next on my calender is a trip to Ct to see my sister. My son Logan is coming with me and I'm getting excited! (So is he!) 
On the creative front I have finally posted a couple videos! One showing off my altered Junk Journal and another showing my one-page-binding mini album! (Elsa from Justafewdesigns method). I didn't realize it took so long to upload onto YouTube! LOL  Next I am working with another paperbag mini, but a little different style than most. I was inspired by Steffogal1. I'm using some Colorbok paper...Green Moss I think. I picked up the whole collection at JoAnns during thier 40% off sale. I love working with a complete collection! It takes all the guessing out of most of the embellishing. Also in the works is a mini for Jennifer for some of her wedding photos. That will be a fun mini to put together! I'm thinking it will be a chipboard mini...we'll see. 
Anyway, thanks for checking out my Blog. Leave a comment or suggestion! TTFN! (ta-ta for Tigger!LOL)

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