Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Busy Time

So much is going on ...I've been BUSY! First, my step-daughter is getting married June 18th. It'll be a lovely ceremony on the beach, right here in town.  A week and a half to go and we are bombarded with details!! (We finished the centerpieces tonight!)  Next, my parents are moving into a condo. I'm excited for them! But of course they need all the help they can get so I've been helping mom sort through her things and pack them up. Soon I'll be helping her sort through and unpack in the condo! And to top it off my car was rear-ended while running my many errands! Not to worry- no one was hurt and the damage is minimal, but still! This means getting to the insurances' mechanic, getting an estimate and giving up my RAV for 3 days! Ugghh! Thank goodness the other drivers' insurance will provide a rental car. Its just one more thing to deal with. So there you go...this explains why I have spent only minutes at a time in my scraproom instead of hours at a time. LOL I MISS MY SCRAPROOM and my scraptime!   After all this craziness I have a trip to look forward to -- my son Logan and I are headed to Ct on July 1st-11th to see my sister! We are so excited! We are planning a couple days in NYC and some day trips to see the sights in Ct. I'm so glad to be taking this trip with Logan. He is 16 and I figured I better take a trip with him now while he still enjoys my company! LOL Actually he is great company - very funny and thoughtful. But of course this means more time away from my scraproom. Its worth it! I adore my sister and treasure my time with her. I said, its a busy time. I wonder if I can sneak in a nap?.....

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